Connect to VMware Server Console Over SSH

Has this ever happened to you? I created a new virtual machine running Ubuntu on my VMware server before I left home, but forgot to install the ssh server… so I couldn’t get to that machine at all from my remote location. Rather than driving back home I decided to find a solution.

After a bit of research I discovered that the console communicates on port 902, so I added a port-forwarding rule to an ssh tunnel and was able to easily get on the console and install openssh.

Port Forwarding with ssh Command

In order to open a local port below 1024 you will need to run this command as root, or by using sudo. This will open the local port 902 on your client machine and then forward the connection to the server specified by

sudo ssh -L 902:localhost:902

At this point you can skip to the last section in the article.

Port Forwarding with SecureCRT

If you use SecureCRT under Windows like I do, just open up your session options and find Port Forwarding in settings and click the Add button for a new forwarded connection.


Enter in a name, and use 902 for both of the Port fields as shown below:


Logging into the Console

Bring up your locally installed VMware Server Console, and use localhost for the Remote host name. You can’t use the “Local host” radio button because it will attempt to connect directly to the service… we want to connect over the SSH tunnel.


And there you are… logged onto your console.


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