Streaming Video over the LAN/Intranet

In my earlier post we have learnt how to stream AUDIO over the Lan/Intranet. This time let’s focus on how to stream VIDEO over Lan/Intranet.

Software Requirements

VLC Media Player

For Windows- Download and Install.
For Other Operating Systems- Download and Install.

Configuration Server-side

Server IP Address:-
Client IP Address:-

1- Launch vlc.exe file.

2- Click on “File” -> “Open File…”

You will see a window similar to that seen below.


3- Click on “Browse…” and select a video file from your computer hard drive.

4- Under the “Advanced options”, don’t forget to check the checkbox “Stream/Save”.

5- Now click on “Settings” button to open a new window “Stream Output” something like below.


6- Check the “HTTP” checkbox and Enter the Server Address and any port number(1234 by default).

7- Under Encapsulation Method select “MPEG TS”

Please note that the Encapsulation Method is different for different files you stream from the server side.
Dat File – MPEG TS
WMV File – ASF

8- Click “OK” now.

That’s it. Your server is streaming the selected video file on Port Number 1234 or any other which you have choosen above.

Also, on the server side you won’t be able to see any video. Video File can only be seen on client side

Configuration Client-side

Make sure that the client IP Address is same as mentioned above.

1- Open vlc.exe file.

2- Click on “File” -> “Open Network Stream…”

3- Check the “HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS” checkbox and enter server side IP address and port number as “” without quotes.


4- Click “OK” now.

That’s it. Now you can view the streaming video on the client side.

This finishes my tutorial on streaming video over the LAN/Intranet. Any comments and feedbacks are whole heartedly appreciated.

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