Installing XAMPP on CentOS 5 +efront

Login as root

### Retrieve XAMPP 1.6.8a ###

mkdir /installs

cd /installs


### Install XAMPP and set auto-start ###

tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.6.8a.tar.gz -C /opt

lvl=`egrep :initdefault: /etc/inittab|cut -d: -f2`

cd /etc/rc.d/rc${lvl}.d

ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp S99lampp

ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp K01lampp

### Modify Home Page ###

cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/

cp index.html xampp.html

echo “<html><head><title>DrupalEE DB</title></head><body><h1>DrupalEE DB</h1></body></html>” > index.html

### Start Server ###

cd /opt/lampp

./lampp start

./lampp status




  1. Uncompress eFront files to the desired location, for example /var/www/html/efront or /opt/lampp/efront/www
  2. Edit apache’s configuration file, usually httpd.conf, which for xampp installations resides in /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf.
  3. Assuming a XAMPP installation, change the line where it says: DocumentRoot "/opt/lampp/htdocs/" to DocumentRoot "/opt/lampp/efront/www" and the line where it says <Directory "/opt/lampp/htdocs"> to <Directory "/opt/lampp/efront/www">. You should use directories according to your own file structure
  4. Restart apache, usually running the command service httpd reload or something similar (consult your distribution’s documentation)
  5. Set the filesystem permissions as follows (assuming that “apache” is the user that runs the web server process):

chown apache:apache libraries/ (only for the duration of the installation)
chown apache:apache libraries/smarty/themes_cache
chown -R apache:apache libraries/language/
chown -R apache:apache backups/
chown -R apache:apache upload/
chown -R apache:apache www/content/
chown -R apache:apache www/modules/
chown -R apache:apache www/themes/
chown -R apache:apache www/certificate_templates/
chown -R apache:apache www/editor/tiny_mce/
chown apache:apache www/phplivedocx/samples/mail-merge/convert/

You may now proceed to “Installing eFront using the web interface wizard” below

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