Install Windows 7, Vista & Windows Server 2008 With Less Minimum Memory Requirement

Microsoft has set tougher requirements for installing Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 onto your computer, of course the intention is to give the best experience for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 users, one of which, you get to have space of physical memory RAM of 512 at minimum or above on your Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, however, it’s 1 GB RAM it’s most recommended by Microsoft, in order to experience its best speeding performance. For those who have RAM less than 512 MB, Wizard setup will automatically prevent you to further install Windows 7 on your system.


Any computer who owns less 1 GB Ram will not be permitted to continue the installment process, because when the installation process is activated, firstly set up file will check for the minimum system requirement, and if it finds your space is less than minimum requirements, an error message will be appearing as a token that you can’t continue the process, like this:

Windows detected that this computer has MB of RAM, but 512 MB is required for installation. Installation cannot proceed.

Install Cannot Proceed with Less Than 512 MB of RAM Memory

It’s the regulation set by Microsoft in order for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 to run properly on your system, thus the requirement must be accomplished to operate the newest version of this Operating System, therefore it’s recommendable for your system to have bigger RAM. Nevertheless of the set requirement, you still are able to install Windows 7 on your system with memory less than 512 RAM. Here’s the trick:

Trick 1: Put an additional Physical RAM to get the minimum RAM requirement.

Lets say your current RAM now is 384 MB which means you need 128 MB more to reach the minimum requirements for installing Windows 7, to handle this situation you can add an additional piece of physical RAM into RAM slot to reach this threshold. However you still can increase the allocated RAM limit to match 128 MB, if you use a virtual machine.

Trick 2: Add Memory Stick to increase Memory Amount During Installation

The following trick works for virtual machine user in order to meet the minimum requirement of 512 MB and avoiding low memory warnings during Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 installation process, if your space is lower than specific requirement.

What you need to do now is increasing the physical or virtual RAM amount to reach 512 MB, using some memory stick (or removable media), when it reaches 512 MB, continue running the set up process to have the installation process completed, after it’s completed take off the memory stick to get back to the previous memory size.

Trick 3: Patch winsetup.dll Hack

What you need to do is manipulating Winsetup.dll, it’s the file that it’s set to checks for any requirements on your system, if everything is correct, installation process will continue till it finishes, but when Winsetup.dll find that your system doesn’t meet the criteria, the installation process will be halted! So to solve this problem, we need to patch winsetup.dll to bypass RAM memory check for installing Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. This trick only works only on 32-bit (x86) systems.

Follow below steps to patch winsetup.dll file :

  1. Now extract DVD ISO image’s content to hard disk drive
  2. Download and install HEX editor AptEdit Pro with HEX Editor plugin
  3. Open winsetup.dll using the HEX editor. You can finf winsetup.dll inside the /source/ folder of the copied installation files.
  4. Search following HEX string inside the file:


  5. Replace the above HEX string with the below one:


  6. Click on Save to save the changes you have made
  7. Run the setup.exe file and the installation should proceed without any RAM limit error messages and finish!

Surely the above 3 tricks work, but one thing that you need to know, since you’re installing Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 using less minimum memory required, it will effect its performance, so the choice is yours to take.

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