Create Template File

Create Template File

After testing your running VPS you can create the template file.  In HyperVM GUI you simply press the “Create Template” button.  If you are using ProxMox or running without a GUI you can do the following.

From command line on the actual node.
Stop the container by typing vzctl stop $CTID.
Make sure you are in the /vz/private/$CTID folder.
cd /vz/private/$CTID
Finally, package up the new template by typing:
tar -czvf /vz/template/cache/centos-5-<ARCH>-<DISTRO>.tar.gz ./
“centos-5” can also be “centos-6” or “scientificlinux-6” or ?  OpenVZ expects the format “OS + “-” + “version”. 

<ARCH> is also mandatory and MUST be one of the following:
i386, x86, x86_64

<DISTRO> can be whatever you want it to be.
The template is ready for use.
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